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About my programming (2012-06-27 09:46:06)
I have been programming now since about the age of 8. I started programming in BASIC on my Amstrad CPC464 by copying programs from the user manual and from Type-Ins from Amstrad Action magazine (and what a magazine that was...). Since then, I have moved from BASIC, to machine code… click to read more
Rust WebAssembly and JavaScript: Floyd-Steinberg Dithering (2018-01-20 13:16:11)
Code examples Demo Rust WASM library and HTML (GitHub) Introduction

Further to my recent post comparing the performance of a WebAssembly module written in Rust to plain JavaScript and WebGL shaders for rendering the Mandelbrot set, I have added an additional example comparing the performance of WebAssembly and plain JavaScript… click to read more

WebAssembly and Rust: performance analysis (2018-01-09 21:05:08)
Code examples Demo Rust library (GitHub) Introduction

I have recently been learning The Rust programming language and I absolutely love it! Rust is a systems-level language (like C and C++) which provides compile-time guarantees about memory safety and safe concurrent behaviour. Readers of my Cybersecurity and technology blogs will know… click to read more

Shared Canvas: the next generation (2015-12-13 01:23:37)

It has been quite a while since I created the Shared Canvas, so I decided it was a good time for an upgrade...

So here is Shared Canvas, mark 2! Well almost; it's still an early alpha and there's a lot still left to do. But feel… click to read more

"Amazing Escape": Mobile Game in UE4 (2015-04-03 12:19:35)
For another university assignment, I was tasked to create a mobile game using Unreal Engine 4. The game concept could be anything, but it couldn't be a first-person game or a shooter. I came up with the idea of a top-down maze game where the player must collect keys in… click to read more
OpenGL game: Tank Battleground (2015-04-03 12:10:00)
Here's a new game that I created for a university assignment called "Tank Battleground!" The assignment required me to create a 3D game which used physics and demonstrated OpenGL and GLSL. I decided to use the idea of an arcade tank game so that I could demonstrate physics for movement… click to read more
Log-in to websites without TLS/SSL (2014-07-20 20:50:46)
I wanted to see if it would be possible to create a secure log-in form on a website where TLS/SSL is not available. Of course this is not meant to replace TLS/SSL; there are many reasons why TLS/SSL is far superior. But for simple sites I wanted to see if… click to read more
A* Path-finding (2014-04-24 20:35:01)

As you may or may not know, I am currently working on a game called Mendel's Farm with the rest of the team at Static Games. Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about various ways of adding AI-controlled actors to the game and how best… click to read more

C#: Normal Map Generator (2013-01-07 00:54:30)

For a recent university assignment, I needed to create many different textures for both 3D models and surfaces. I wanted to create normal maps for each of these but I didn't know how to do it.

I decided therefore to experiment with different approaches including photographing a… click to read more

Shared HTML5 Canvas (2012-09-09 16:34:12)
I had an idea a couple of days ago. The idea was to create a page on this website that would allow any number of people from anywhere in the world to draw upon it simultaneously, in effect creating a "virtual whiteboard" of sorts. I have just finished a very… click to read more
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